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Speech Therapy

Every speech therapist wants to spend as much time as possible with patients. Especially in today's times when it is difficult to find staff and waiting lists are growing. Freeing up more time for patients and less for accounting can be achieved by working with good software. Health Cloud Initiative has two great solutions for that purpose that are now used by thousands of speech therapists. Want to know why they are so satisfied? Then check out the website and request a demo. Edevop speech therapy epd software is the solution if you don't want to spend too much money, but want to get value for money. The ideal solution for the independent and small practice. If you want a bit more and are also looking for a convenient fully integrated accounting package, for example, check out Incura Speech Therapy.


Speech therapy software specific to speech therapy practice.

Less administration, more time for your patients!

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  • Advanced SPD
  • Includes free integrated accounting package from King
  • Professional App for Therapists. Update your SPD during treatment!
  • Smart and versatile calendar
  • Convenient correspondence module
  • Flexible care pathways
  • All relevant and potentially relevant fields are marked in Incura according to the 2019 NVLF Filing Guidelines.
  • Link with Nivel healthcare registrations 1st line
  • Fully integrated TOS module
  • Very many links to the most commonly used tools


  • Simple SPD
  • Practical Agenda
  • Ability to upload documents
  • Declare directly to Vecozo
  • Create invoices automatically
  • Linking with QDNA, Mediquest and Qualiview
  • Send messages securely with Zorgmail

Our mission:

No administration with innovative software for 20,000 enthusiastic caregivers

This is an extreme goal we have set. It is almost unrealizable and at the same time it excites and challenges. The goal is: No administration with innovative software for 20,000 enthusiastic caregivers. In other words, we strive for software that allows caregivers to spend not a second of time on data administration. That's like how people viewed self-driving cars 50 years ago. It can't be done at all! We shall see.